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Megakaryocyte Maturation Rate in Thrombocytopenic Rats

  1. SHIRLEY EBBE, M.D., Research Associate,
  2. FREDERICK STOHLMAN JR., M.D., Director of Medicine and Research,
  3. JANET DONOVAN, B.S., Formerly Research Technician, and
  4. JOAN OVERCASH, B.S., Research Technician
  1. St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and Tufts Medical School, Boston Mass.
  2. St. Elizabeth's Hospital. Assistant Professor of Medicine, Tufts Medical School.
  3. St. Elizabeth's Hospital.


Increased production of platelets was apparent during recovery from acute thrombocytopenia in rats. Preceding this there was acceleration of maturation of megakaryocytes as determined from the pattern of labeling with 3HTdR. Turnover of an increased number of megakaryocytes was indicated by maintenance of normal megakaryocyte differential counts in the presence of accelerated maturation.

  • Submitted March 5, 1968.
  • Accepted June 10, 1968.