Ciurea SO, Schafer JR, Bassett R, et al. Phase 1 clinical trial using mbIL21 ex vivo–expanded donor-derived NK cells after haploidentical transplantation. Blood. 2017;130(16):1857-1868.

On page 1861 in the 19 October 2017 issue, in Table 1, the disease status of patient 2 at stem cell transplantation (column 6) should read “Relapse pretransplant,” not “CR2.” Although this patient had 5% or fewer blasts in the bone marrow, she had 6% blasts in the blood at enrollment and thus was ineligible for the study. The ineligibility of patient 2 does not affect any of the conclusions of the study.

In Table 1, column 3, the sex of patient 5 should be “M,” not “F.”

The errors have been corrected in the online version of the article.