Coagulopathy induced by traumatic brain injury: systemic manifestation of a localized injury

Jianning Zhang, Fangyi Zhang and Jing-fei Dong


Traumatic brain injury (TBI)–induced coagulopathy is a common and well-recognized risk for poor clinical outcomes, but its pathogenesis remains poorly understood, and treatment options are limited and ineffective. We discuss the recent progress and knowledge gaps in understanding this lethal complication of TBI. We focus on (1) the disruption of the brain-blood barrier to disseminate brain injury systemically by releasing brain-derived molecules into the circulation and (2) TBI-induced hypercoagulable and hyperfibrinolytic states that result in persistent and delayed intracranial hemorrhage and systemic bleeding.

  • Submitted November 20, 2017.
  • Accepted February 22, 2018.
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