Zaimoku Y, Takamatsu H, Hosomichi K, et al. Identification of an HLA class I allele closely involved in the autoantigen presentation in acquired aplastic anemia. Blood. 2017;129(21):2908-2916.

On page 2913 in the 25 May 2017 issue, there is an error in Figure 2. The position of a splice site deactivation in intron 2 of the HLA-B*40:02 region is incorrect. It should be at the 3′ end of intron 2 rather than the 5′ end. The corrected figure is shown below. The error has been corrected in the online version, which now differs from the print version.

Figure 2.

Somatic mutations of HLA-B*40:02 in 15 patients with AA. (A) The kinds and VAFs of somatic mutation in individual patients identified in B4002A+ (upper graph) and B4002+A+ (lower graph) granulocytes are shown. The kinds of mutations are designated in different colors. (B) The positions of all somatic mutations in the HLA-B*40:02 region are shown. The color and shape of each symbol correspond to those of panel A.