How I treat patients with HIV-related hematological malignancies using hematopoietic cell transplantation

Joseph C. Alvarnas, John A. Zaia and Stephen J. Forman

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  • Figure 1.

    OS and PFS for HIV-infected and noninfected patients. Comparison of OS (A) and PFS (B) between HIV-infected patients treated under BMT CTN 0803/AMC 071 in comparison with 151 matched controls from the CIBMTR data registry. CI, confidence interval. Reprinted from Alvarnas et al.29


  • Table 1.

    Potential drug interactions between antiretroviral agents and transplant agents

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    • Red cells indicate prohibited drug combination. Yellow cells indicate combinations not recommended owing to drug interactions. Green cells indicate acceptable combinations. Recommendations in this table are based in part on Pham and Flexner78 and Foy et al.79

    • ART, antiretroviral therapy.