Morillo-Gutierrez B, Beier R, Rao K, et al. Treosulfan-based conditioning for allogeneic HSCT in children with chronic granulomatous disease: a multicenter experience. Blood. 2016;128(3):440-448.

On page 447 of the 21 July 2016 issue, the age characteristics of the patients in another study are cited incorrectly. The last sentence in the left column should read, “The other main study using reduced-intensity conditioning published by Güngör et al13 is prospective and includes a number of adult patients (11 out of 56 were aged 19 years or older) and a smaller proportion of X-linked patients with CGD than our cohort (60% vs 83%).”

The error has been corrected in the online version, which now differs from the print version.