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December 10, 2015; 126 (24)

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In honor of the 70th anniversary of Blood in 2016, this issue is being published in conjunction with the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology. The special features of the anniversary issue include an editorial by Blood's Editor-in-Chief, Dr Bob Löwenberg; a Blood Forum by Dr Barry Coller about the history of hematology and Blood; and the first in a series of Blood Flashback pieces highlighting articles from the first 4 decades of the journal that had powerful impacts on hematology. In addition to Blood Flashbacks, in 2016 the journal will feature a series of editorials written by past Blood Editors-in-Chief. Each of these special 70th-anniversary editorials will discuss one or more important articles that were published in Blood during their tenure as Editor-in-Chief. The cover design for the anniversary issue is by Brian Cannon of the Blood editorial staff.