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February 16, 2012; 119 (7)

Inside Blood

Blood Work

Review Articles

Clinical Trials and Observations

Hematopoiesis and Stem Cells


Lymphoid Neoplasia

Platelets and Thrombopoiesis

Transfusion Medicine

  • Transfusion-related acute lung injury: incidence and risk factors
    Pearl Toy, Ognjen Gajic, Peter Bacchetti, Mark R. Looney, Michael A. Gropper, Rolf Hubmayr, Clifford A. Lowell, Philip J. Norris, Edward L. Murphy, Richard B. Weiskopf, Gregory Wilson, Monique Koenigsberg, Deanna Lee, Randy Schuller, Ping Wu, Barbara Grimes, Manish J. Gandhi, Jeffrey L. Winters, David Mair, Nora Hirschler, Rosa Sanchez Rosen, Michael A. Matthay and for the TRALI Study Group


Vascular Biology