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January 12, 2012; 119 (2)

Inside Blood

Blood Work

  • May-Hegglin anomaly
    Cyrus C. Hsia and Anargyros Xenocostas

Plenary Paper

  • NOTCH1 mutations in CLL associated with trisomy 12
    Veronica Balatti, Arianna Bottoni, Alexey Palamarchuk, Hansjuerg Alder, Laura Z. Rassenti, Thomas J. Kipps, Yuri Pekarsky and Carlo M. Croce

Review Article

Blood Consult

Clinical Trials and Observations

Gene Therapy

Hematopoiesis and Stem Cells


Lymphoid Neoplasia

Myeloid Neoplasia

Phagocytes, Granulocytes, and Myelopoiesis

Platelets and Thrombopoiesis

Red Cells, Iron, and Erythropoiesis

Thrombosis and Hemostasis


Vascular Biology