Two recent studies reported wholegenome sequencing of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) samples and found repeated mutations in the XPO1 and NOTCH1 genes. XPO1 was found mutated in 2.4% of cases, while NOTCH1 was found mutated in 12.2% or 15.1% of CLL samples. Here we report the results of sequencing of XPO1 and NOTCH1 in 186 CLL cases. Our results confirmed frequency of XPO1 mutations. However, we found only 5 NOTCH1 mutations in 127 IGVH unmutated/ZAP70+ CLL samples (4%), and one mutation was found in IGVH mutated/ZAP70 CLL for a total percentage of 1.5%. Because 4 of 6 mutated samples also showed trisomy 12, we sequenced NOTCH1 in an additional 77 cases with trisomy 12 CLLs, including 47 IGVH unmutated/ZAP70+ cases. Importantly, we found 41.9% NOTCH1 mutation frequency in aggressive trisomy 12 CLL cases. Our data suggest that activation of NOTCH1 plays a critical role in IGVH unmutated/ZAP70+ trisomy 12 CLL.

  • Submitted October 18, 2011.
  • Accepted November 13, 2011.
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