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January 27, 2011; 117 (4)

Inside blood

  • MPs or ICs?
    Julie C. Williams and Nigel Mackman
  • HDAC inhibitors block innate immunity
    Konrad A. Bode and Alexander H. Dalpke
  • MPO and neutrophils: a magnetic attraction
    Michael J. Hickey
  • Bacteria and HIT: a close connection?
    Yves Gruel and Hervé Watier
  • Clues to DVT pathogenesis
    David Motto


Review Article

Clinical Trials and Observations

Gene Therapy

Hematopoiesis and Stem Cells


Lymphoid Neoplasia

Myeloid Neoplasia

Phagocytes, Granulocytes, and Myelopoiesis

Platelets and Thrombopoiesis

Red Cells, Iron, and Erythropoiesis

Thrombosis and Hemostasis


Vascular Biology

Other Departments