Gatt ME, Zhao JJ, Ebert MS, Zhang Y, Chu Z, Mani M, Gazit R, Carrasco DE, Dutta-Simmons J, Adamia S, Minvielle S, Tai Y-T, Munshi NC, Avet-Loiseau H, Anderson KC, Carrasco DR. MicroRNAs 15a/16-1 function as tumor suppressor genes in multiple myeloma [published online ahead of print October 20, 2010]. Blood. doi:10.1182/blood-2009-11-253294.

Retraction of Gatt et al.

The authors retract the 20 October 2010 prepublished First Edition article cited above. They have recently discovered that the cell lines used in their paper were inadvertently misidentified. The cell lines utilized in the paper have now been found to contain the bcr/abl translocation and most likely represent the K562 CML cell line, instead of MMS1 and RPM1 myeloma cell lines. Due to this issue, the relevance of the findings to myeloma and thus, the conclusions of the paper, are not supported by the data. The authors apologize to the readers, reviewers, and editors of Blood for publishing these erroneous data.