Double CEBPA mutations, but not single CEBPA mutations, define a subgroup of acute myeloid leukemia with a distinctive gene expression profile that is uniquely associated with a favorable outcome

Bas J. Wouters, Bob Löwenberg, Claudia A. J. Erpelinck-Verschueren, Wim L. J. van Putten, Peter J. M. Valk and Ruud Delwel

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vol. 113 no. 13 3088-3091

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  • Submitted September 18, 2008
  • Accepted January 8, 2009
  • Published online March 26, 2009.

  • Bas J. Wouters
  • Bob Löwenberg
  • Claudia A. J. Erpelinck-Verschueren
  • Wim L. J. van Putten
  • Peter J. M. Valk
  • Ruud Delwel Statistics

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