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More frequent Blood transfusions

  1. Cynthia E. Dunbar, MD, Editor-in-Chief, Blood

With this issue, Blood shifts to weekly from semi-monthly publication. The Publications Committee of the American Society of Hematology and the editorial staff of Blood deliberated carefully and came to the conclusion that our readers and authors could be well served by making this change. Receiving the print journal or the weekly electronic Table of Contents every week, on the same day, should help make Blood an even more predictable and valued part of our routine professional life. New findings will reach our audience more quickly, with an average time from acceptance to print publication of 7 weeks or less. As the journal has grown over the past 10 years, each issue has become unwieldy, both physically and cognitively. Weekly publication of approximately the same number of primary research articles will allow readers to process content more effectively. We plan to increase the relative number of Inside Blood commentaries, Reviews, Perspectives, and How I Treat articles, with the objective that each issue will provide relevant and interesting content for the widest possible hematology audience, including trainees, practicing clinicians, bench scientists, and pharmaceutical industry researchers. We have reorganized the Table of Contents to better reflect the current scope of hematology research and to make more apparent the focus of articles published in Blood. What we have not changed is our commitment to publishing high-quality original articles describing novel and precedent-setting laboratory, translational, and clinical investigations in the field of hematology and related areas of research. We hope our readers and authors will enjoy the new format and schedule, and continue to make Blood an indispensable part of their professional lives in hematology.