A dose-ranging study evaluating once-daily oral administration of the factor Xa inhibitor rivaroxaban in the treatment of patients with acute symptomatic deep vein thrombosis: the Einstein–DVT Dose-Ranging Study

Harry R. Buller, Anthonie W. A. Lensing, Martin H. Prins, Giancarlo Agnelli, Alexander Cohen, Alexander S. Gallus, Frank Misselwitz, Gary Raskob, Sebastian Schellong and Annelise Segers

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vol. 112 no. 6 2242-2247

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  • Submitted May 28, 2008
  • Accepted June 25, 2008
  • Published online September 8, 2008.

  • Harry R. Buller
  • Anthonie W. A. Lensing
  • Martin H. Prins
  • Giancarlo Agnelli
  • Alexander Cohen
  • Alexander S. Gallus
  • Frank Misselwitz
  • Gary Raskob
  • Sebastian Schellong
  • Annelise Segers Statistics

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