Monitoring CML patients responding to treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors: review and recommendations for harmonizing current methodology for detecting BCR-ABL transcripts and kinase domain mutations and for expressing results

Timothy Hughes, Michael Deininger, Andreas Hochhaus, Susan Branford, Jerald Radich, Jaspal Kaeda, Michele Baccarani, Jorge Cortes, Nicholas C. P. Cross, Brian J. Druker, Jean Gabert, David Grimwade, Rüdiger Hehlmann, Suzanne Kamel-Reid, Jeffrey H. Lipton, Janina Longtine, Giovanni Martinelli, Giuseppe Saglio, Simona Soverini, Wendy Stock and John M. Goldman

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vol. 108 no. 1 28-37

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  • Submitted January 10, 2006
  • Accepted February 18, 2006
  • Published online June 21, 2006.

  • Timothy Hughes
  • Michael Deininger
  • Andreas Hochhaus
  • Susan Branford
  • Jerald Radich
  • Jaspal Kaeda
  • Michele Baccarani
  • Jorge Cortes
  • Nicholas C. P. Cross
  • Brian J. Druker
  • Jean Gabert
  • David Grimwade
  • Rüdiger Hehlmann
  • Suzanne Kamel-Reid
  • Jeffrey H. Lipton
  • Janina Longtine
  • Giovanni Martinelli
  • Giuseppe Saglio
  • Simona Soverini
  • Wendy Stock
  • John M. Goldman Statistics

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