Id helix-loop-helix proteins negatively regulate TRANCE-mediated osteoclast differentiation

Junwon Lee, Kabsun Kim, Jung Ha Kim, Hye Mi Jin, Han Kyung Choi, Seoung-Hoon Lee, Hyun Kook, Kyung Keun Kim, Yoshifumi Yokota, Soo Young Lee, Yongwon Choi and Nacksung Kim

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vol. 107 no. 7 2686-2693

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  • Submitted July 14, 2005
  • Accepted November 22, 2005
  • Published online March 22, 2006.

  • Junwon Lee
  • Kabsun Kim
  • Jung Ha Kim
  • Hye Mi Jin
  • Han Kyung Choi
  • Seoung-Hoon Lee
  • Hyun Kook
  • Kyung Keun Kim
  • Yoshifumi Yokota
  • Soo Young Lee
  • Yongwon Choi
  • Nacksung Kim Statistics

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