Human blood IgM “memory” B cells are circulating splenic marginal zone B cells harboring a prediversified immunoglobulin repertoire

Sandra Weller, Moritz C. Braun, Bruce K. Tan, Andreas Rosenwald, Corinne Cordier, Mary Ellen Conley, Alessandro Plebani, Dinakhanta S. Kumararatne, Damien Bonnet, Olivier Tournilhac, Gil Tchernia, Birte Steiniger, Louis M. Staudt, Jean-Laurent Casanova, Claude-Agnès Reynaud and Jean-Claude Weill

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vol. 104 no. 12 3647-3654

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  • Submitted January 29, 2004
  • Accepted May 3, 2004
  • Published online November 17, 2004.

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  • Sandra Weller
  • Moritz C. Braun
  • Bruce K. Tan
  • Andreas Rosenwald
  • Corinne Cordier
  • Mary Ellen Conley
  • Alessandro Plebani
  • Dinakhanta S. Kumararatne
  • Damien Bonnet
  • Olivier Tournilhac
  • Gil Tchernia
  • Birte Steiniger
  • Louis M. Staudt
  • Jean-Laurent Casanova
  • Claude-Agnès Reynaud
  • Jean-Claude Weill Statistics

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