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November 24, 2016: 128 (21)
Blood: 128 (21)

First Edition


  • Author Voices: Leslie Kean, MD, PhD / Benjamin Watkins, MD

    Cytomegalovirus (CMV) reactivation is a well-recognized contributor to immune dysfunction and transplant-related mortality, but the basis for this effect is unknown. Drs. Kean and Watkins discuss important insights into the phenomenon. Additionally, they talk about the importance of a strong mentorship relationship.

  • Advances in Hematology: Laurie Sehn, MDCM, MPH

    Dr. Laurie Sehn discusses recent advancements in the treatment of patients with lymphoma including new therapies that are designed to target a specific individuals molecular biology.

  • Advances in Hematology: Bob Löwenberg, MD, PhD

    Dr. Bob Löwenberg speaks to the mission of Blood and details how recent clinical and scientific developments in hematology are presented in the journal.